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kevin lake

It has been less than a year since I started up my little West London print business. A year if you count the umming and arring about how to do it and I am pleased to say it has turned out nicely.  Things a chugging along rather well and each day I am discovering something new.  

I am still by most regards floundering around in the world of SEO's and upsell triggers but that's the territory of a new business I guess.  Recently however I got a very welcome boost from AIM Startups so I was able to steer the good ship lake in a new direction with my fantastic aluminium prints.  Not only that they asked if I'd like to sit on a panel at the Association of Photographers event no less to talk about it. 

I am hoping there will be some opportunities for bending a few peoples ears as good advice, I have found is an invaluable commodity.

The event is at Holborn Studios, Wednesday 18th March, 5pm-8pm

Check out the details here

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