Aluminium Prints with Single Edition Service

In a world of mass production, art often becomes lost in the sea of choice and even the most striking creations can feel uninspiring.
That is what inspired the Single Edition Service.
Single Edition Service ensures that when you buy one of my aluminium prints you are getting something special.  Not a limited edition but a completely unique print just for you.  
It works like this:
When you order an aluminium print from the store simply let me know the initials or memorable date of the intended recipient and I will discreetly insert them into the image.
It may be carved into a tree, blended into the background or fashioned from materials in the scene but look for it and it will be there.  A subtle but sure symbol tying your print uniquely to you.  
What's more it doesn't cost you any more, it's simply a gesture of appreciation from me to you.  
Here is why I chose Aluminium Prints:
After careful consideration,  you can now buy all products on the site printed direct to aluminium sheet.  
Direct to aluminium print achieves all the qualities of a canvas print, the sleek frameless look and modern feel but takes it to another level.  
Sharp print quality, vivid colours, smooth metallic feel and hangs on a single nail.  Not only that you can even hang it outside as its weatherproof too.
  • The product itself is a sheet of high quality 3mm Dibond sheet (a layer of aluminium, a layer polyurethane for stiffness and another layer of aluminium to complete the finish)  
  • It can take temperatures from  - 50 to +80°C and has a UV coating to protect from the elements. 
  • Each item comes with an invisible suspension system consisting of a 10x10mm plate and two stoppers on the bottom corners.  This allows it to float from the wall but still hang simply on just one nail.  
 Hangs by a single nail 
If you are looking for something extra special this is it!