In my years working as a music photographer I have been lucky enough to visit a few places during my travels.
Never one to miss out on a cool shot I spent my spare moments snapping away at all the wonderful things that grabbed my interest both round my home in West London to the various corners of the world that my work took me. Whether it be street shots in Singapore to bridges in Barnes or even odd little experiments with
items I found round my home I just followed my curiosity to see what happened.
After a few years I had built up quite collection so decided to print some up to see if they may interest people.  
I tried out the traditional routes of mounting and printing and even got a few framed but was always on the look out for something extra special and then I found aluminium.  If you haven't seen it before aluminum print is amazing product printed direct to the metal surface which looks great, is totally frameless and is so easy to use it soon became my product of choice for my prints.  Not only that, each aluminium print comes with the Single Edition Service, meaning it is edited to be unique to you.  
Why have limited edition when you can have a Single Edition!
There is also now FREE UK SHIPPING throughout the whole store too